Debbie Delvaux

Debbie loves to write in the genre of murder mystery and of love lost and found, which for her goes hand in hand when she is in the middle of a good writing forte when the mood strikes her.

Debbie loves to read the classics of John Irving, Frank McCourt and she loves the writing style of Ann Rule, which has given her the inspiration to want to write a good murder mystery.  Debbie also loves to play with words in the styling of where their origins come from.

Debbie is retired from her job of 31 years and likes to volunteer for the elderly at the local senior center by calling bingo and also listening to her friends there tell her their life stories, which give her more inspiration for many more tales that can be used in her stories.

Debbie has an Associate’s degree in Marketing and has three Certificates in Food Service working, which in all will help her to open her own coffeehouse/bookstore and help with selling the work of any up and coming writer in the community.