Francis Felix Rosa

Francis Felix Rosa is the author of the children’s book Cryptidpedia, which acts as a fun encyclopedic book on mythological creatures. This book originally formed out of a childhood love of monsters, mysteries, and the unexplained and was published with his twin brother when they were still in high school together. More recently his poems and prose have appeared in Rushlight and the Big Bend Literary Magazine. 

Francis has a BA in Creative Writing & Literature from Wheaton College (MA). In 2018 he was the recipient of Wheaton’s Helen Meyers Tate Memorial Prize for Original Verse. A wandering New Englander, he has spent the last few years traversing the country as a writer, wild land firefighter, and AmeriCorps service member and hopes to continue working on writing and publishing a range of fiction. He recently moved to Green Bay where he currently works as a freelance editor online.

Cryptidpedia is available through Etsy with free shipping in the continental US.

You can check out his prose in the Big Bend Literary Magazine here or in print by ordering a copy from the Big Bend Literary Magazine website.