Featured Writer of the Month – March 2021

Author H.G. Watts

H.G. Watts

H. G. Watts was born and bred in the Midwest with a brief stint in New York City.

As a young teen, she began writing professionally for a daily newspaper and received various awards for her work including national recognition for the youth section she edited.​

Watts has also worked professionally in television, radio, and in corporate communications where she edited a regional magazine. Her bachelor’s degree in Journalism is from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

​Watts’s Faith and family are most important in her life.  She likes to spend time at home or somewhere in Italy…enjoys reading…and occasionally draws or paints.  She has a like-dislike relationship with golf.  Her words to live by:  “Thy Will be done.”

Her book Blood of the Seven Suns: A Medieval Novel Based on Real People & Eventsis available online from all major retail outlets including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  In Green Bay, her book is usually in stock at Cathedral Book & Gift and Lion’s Mouth Bookstore.  It can also be ordered through Barnes & Noble and local bookstores throughout the nation.

(ISBN:  978-1-7336239-0-2)

Watts is not on any social media sites.  However, you can reach her through her website:  HGWatts.com