Russ Husnik

Author Russ Husnik, Member of Green Bay Area Writer’s Guild in Wisconsin.

Russ Husnik is the author of three books:

1. The Same Tapes – contains the taped disclosures of Joseph Same; a man who used a false moniker to re-experience events in backward time. And it recounts those events, but also relates Mr. Same`s reaction to them. But it`s not a science fiction novel. It`s a grouping of reminiscences, observations, and beliefs concerning how mankind can make life upon planet Earth better. And it’s a very powerful book. One of its characters said “This is probably the best and worst book I’ve ever read.” You’ve never read anything like this before.

2. The Clarity Zones – At 26, a rather shy, immature, and emotionally challenged Jim is lonely and dissatisfied. But he’s not afraid to express his opinions concerning a number of subjects, nor is he averse to having others express their options to him.

Yet, he’s come to realize that at this point in his life he must begin earnest searches for both companionship and orderliness. His life changes one day as he’s simply driving down Main Street.

3. The Students of the Highway – There’s a very special city somewhere within the earthly reality of Earth One. And it’s divided by a river. And normally richer people live north of the river, and those less affluent live south of it. But now a group of artistically minded individuals have settled in this city. This book recounts some of their exploits. They’re learning how to live as artistic masters of creative writing, painting, performance arts, music, etc.. And it’s time now for them to graduate out of the classification of humans known as the students of the Highway.