Life in Wisconsin

Having lived in the Badger state most of my life, I have come to love Wisconsin. Life in Wisconsin can be harsh when inches, or feet, of snow fall and remain on the ground for months…or when wind chill factors drop into the 25 below category or colder. Life in Wisconsin can also be beautiful when spring blossoms and trillium spout up in the forests or in the fall when leaves turn gorgeous in colors of orange, red, and yellow.

Sure, Wisconsin has its tourist destinations such as Door County, Wisconsin Dells, and other attractions but it is her small farming communities, thousands of acres of forests, and clean running water which are most enticing. When I have the luxury of spending time in the woods or by a lake and marvel at the beauty of nature, I think this is what more people need to experience. Maybe our state should advertise these simple pleasures more.

It is then I realize the serenity, peace and quiet I am able to experience could be ruined, disturbed, and less enjoyable if it were inundated by hordes of visitors. Being selfish, I’d rather keep them to myself, family, and close friends.

If, however, we do encounter visitors from another planet, we must do our best to educate them about taking care of what they are able to enjoy. That means leaving wherever you are looking better and cleaner than you found it. Respect the rules and obey the laws. Treat the people who own the property–even if it’s the state or federal government–with respect. Ask permission before stepping onto what might be private property. Be courteous and you will be treated the same.

A good rule of thumb is to ask first. If you’re getting together for a picnic, ask the host what you can bring. And ask if you can bring someone else along instead of showing up with 10 other people and then wonder why there’s not enough food.